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I have decided to support Bounce To Breathe because this seems like the right thing to do. Together with the other fundraisers, I will try and raise enough money to reach our goal. You can help too, by simply donation a few dollars today and before you know it we will be there.

Support me and indirectly support Bounce To Breathe today!


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$25 can help support a child through bringing a trampoline to a school.


$50 can buy a Boredom Buster Bag for sick kids in hospital


$150 will provide a physical subsidy for exercise that is essential for everyone with CF.


$1500 will provide a portable nebuliser, which reduces the respiratory treatment for a CF person.
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elizabeth Ross donated 1 year ago

Grandma Ross is very proud of you

Catherine Eyers donated 1 year ago


Wayne Munro donated 1 year ago

Great Job, Reuven

robert Munro donated 1 year ago

Cool, Reuven

Shael Dawson donated 1 year ago

Well Done, Reuven

Anonymous donated 1 year ago

Rachel and Sally think you are a Champ, Reuvie

Thomas Sutorowski donated 1 year ago


Catherine Eyers donated 1 year ago

Go Reuvs your fabulous!!!!!!

boyne Family donated 1 year ago


Reut Peer Betzaleli donated 1 year ago

Go Reuven do good