Meet our Charity Partners | Web and Warehouse

Every four days a child is born with cystic fibrosis in Australia. It is the most common life-shortening condition, slowly shutting down the airways, lungs and pancreas. Many people born with cystic fibrosis today will not live beyond their forties.

The fight against cystic fibrosis is life-long and relentless. Cystic Fibrosis Queensland is the only not for profit charity providing advocacy, funding research and delivering support and services for the Queensland, Northern Territory and northern New South Wales cystic fibrosis community. With no designated State or Federal Government funding to support our cause, the need to create effective fundraising programs is great.

As inspiration, we looked to our community. Of all the physical therapies they must endure, bouncing on a trampoline is the only one that is fun. The simple act of bouncing is a highly efficient aerobic exercise which maintains health, helps clear the lungs of thick, sticky mucus and most importantly improves mental health because it’s fun. From this we conceived the idea of a trampoline program for schools that would get children active and having fun as they fundraised. Bounce 2 Breathe (B2B) was born – we just needed a fleet of trampolines to launch a pilot program and test the idea. 

Without seed funding, the B2B concept needed a major charity partner. After twelve months of pitching the idea to large Queensland companies, it looked like the idea would not pass concept stage. Then we called Web and Warehouse, a family owned trampoline business based in Victoria. Owners Julie and Andrew McRitchie were touched by the idea that trampolines had such a connection to our community and that trampolines could potentially be a self-sustaining fundraising stream to support Queenslanders with this incurable disease. Within 24 hours they had committed over $30 000 worth of professional quality GeeTramp trampolines to launch the pilot program.

May 2018 Mango Hill State School hosted the first B2B activation. This photo captures the joy of Julie and Andrew’s philanthropy in action. They are wearing their GeeTramp t-shirts proudly standing in front of queues of a thousand children patiently waiting their turn to bounce, cheering each other on as they tried to score the most bounce points. The school raised over $22 000 in one day and B2B united a whole community in a common cause, having fun doing something they loved. Julie and Andrew’s philanthropy; donating a fleet of trampolines, made this happen and the photo captures their pride in what they achieved that day, and how it would benefit our cause well into the future.

Web and Warehouse have recently extended their philanthropic support by offering a fleet of trampolines to other states in our Federation with a view to creating a nationwide program.

To find out how you can host a Bounce 2 Breathe program at your school, call Cystic Fibrosis Queensland 07 3359 8000.